With Melinda

Single mum lifestyle blogger

Romance author


Good evening fellow parents. I hope you are as excited to read my first blog as I am writing it.

Welcome to my world.

My name is Melinda and I am a single parent of a 10 year old boy. Please visit the ‘About me
section to give you more information.

I am writing this on my laptop, which is balanced on my knees in the lounge. My son is sitting at our
table, hopefully learning some Year 6 Maths and English. Even though it is June, it feels quite chilly
and is not an inspirational day! We live in a delightful first floor flat of a converted house, however
we are still settling in. The last landlord wanted his flat back and gave me notice – not a pleasant

I am tired today – I work in a Junior school office, which is a fantastic mixture of children, parents,
problem solving and administration but everyone wants my attention immediately. I am a girl Friday
who has hung up her suit whilst working from home during this crisis. But, like you, I am still
running around all day. What I wouldn’t do for a foot rub and a glass of red.

My son and I live in Surrey – yummy mummy suburbia. Gastro pubs, country walks, designer shops.
A beautiful life for the perfect middle class family. So what am I doing here? Actually, even though I
am not married, do not have 2.4 children, do not own an SUV and cannot afford weekends away at
will, I have a great life. I want to share it with you, its ups, downs and eccentricities.

So, if you’d like to learn and laugh with me, about finances, dating, family well-being and
bereavement, lets go on a journey together and put our worlds to rights!