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Romance author


 Romance has been in my heart since I was a teenager

Dreaming of dark-eyed heroes and eternal love

Now, as a single mum, I write between school runs

Enemies to lovers

My heroes are mysterious, brooding, and sexy

My heroines are independent, fun, and loyal

Worlds collide and chemistry explodes

But will passion overcome their difficulties?

Melinda Melody



Below, you will find all my books. Some are free novellas,  where you can devour the story without having to pay!

The novella is normally a prequel to the main story, a backdrop that tells you the hero’s and heroine’s backgrounds. 

Love divided free novella

Love Divided

FREE Prequel to ‘Love on the Coast’

Alicia is hurting

Her mum is sick and her boyfriend cheated on her

Luca is mad

His work and personal life have betrayed him

Both close their hearts

But both need to heal. How will they do that?

Love on the coast

A writer struggling to write.

An arrogant CEO of a hotel chain

Love on the Coast

As his splayed fingers moved deeper into her hair and pulled slightly, Alicia’s head tipped back involuntarily. The sensation against her scalp sent shivers down her spine and her nerve endings were heightened.  Right from the start she had realised that Luca possessed a magnetism that her body responded to. Why always the wrong man, she thought disparagingly as her treacherous body longed for his fingers to explore all of her.

Love on the coast

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