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We are now at the beginning of the festive season and it is time for you to get out your Family Christmas Planner. With a few months to go until Christmas, we all need to get organised. A busy time of the year, our days will be filled with frenzied shopping, planning and guests. This year, instead of overspending and stress, your Family Christmas Planner will bring you an organised and event filled Christmas. After all, you deserve it.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that fantastic Christmas we see in the movies? To actually spend more time being present and not feeling tired and frenzied? This year, with your ‘Family Christmas Planner’, (the only Christmas planner you will ever need again), your Christmas is guaranteed to be calm, organised and one you remember for ever.

There are many facets to this time of year; guests, food, entertainment, children, tradition etc. We should really start planning in September but the reality is that most of us leave any thought of Christmas until November then get stressed in December.

Plan right and you will stay in budget. You will feel appreciated rather than stressed and it will be a Christmas to remember. With this printable Family Christmas Planner, you will be reminded of what and when to buy, book and prepare. All information can be saved online or in a binder and kept for next year. Then, when next year comes and you try to remember that lovely restaurant you went to on Christmas Eve or that amazing market you can just look it up in your family holiday planner! It will be your definitive guide to having a stress free Christmas.

Lets take a look at some of the areas we need to make decisions and plans on in this time of year. There is so much to do in order to enjoy a smooth running Christmas, so lets get started with this brief guide as the clock is ticking.

Family at Christmas time

Have you made any plans with your family? Or even thought about it? Families often get frazzled making this decision as it involves what can be almost a military operation. There is your own little family, then your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. Then there are also the in-laws and the brother and sister-in-laws with their own broods. Depending on how close your family are, depends on how many people are involved in this decision.

Schedule your supermarket delivery slot

Since supermarkets started doing deliveries, the slots for Christmas go extremely quickly. Who wants to go trawling around the supermarket with all the other busy shoppers when you can sit at home, feet up and browse their websites.

We all need a supermarket guide we can refer to, year after year. Where we can add each supermarkets date for opening their Christmas delivery slots. If you are budgeting, don’t forget that they charge for delivery and that some offer what is called ‘green slots’. It can get confusing and helps to have it all laid out for you.

family christmas planner

Festive plans

At Christmas time, there is lots to do and see. From the classic panto, to slightly colder ice-skating there is a festive celebration for everyone. Which does mean that you could end up spending all your Christmas budget on ‘events!’ So how do we go about ensuring we don’t miss out but also don’t break the bank? Planning of course.

It can become overwhelming though. Do you go to London? If so, will you have to stay overnight? Which will definitely push up the cost. Is your National Trust membership still current? This is a great time to see a stately home all decked out in its finest. Introducing the children to culture at a young age can only be a good thing. But remember to factor in something that will make your child laugh. Your local council will have plenty going on, it’s just discovering what. With your Family Christmas Planner, this huge task is far more achievable. Deep breath, everyone….

Gift list

Next is one of the fun parts. Or it could be if it wasn’t so time consuming and expensive. Do you know how much money you normally spend on Christmas gifts? Or is it something you put on the credit card then start paying off in January when you realise you don’t have any money left.

Everyone has a few people they buy for each year then some that will vary, year by year. Unless we write a specific list with everyone we want to get a present for, a budget and gift ideas, we will be lost. And paying for it, for a long, long time.


For me, this has to come near the top of my Christmas to do list, whether you have a frugal Christmas budget or want to splurge. We all want to take our children to Lapland or go ski-ing, don’t we? But most of us can’t afford it. But what used to be true for me and maybe for you is that having a stay at home Christmas is not always the cheap option. We splurge at Waitrose, book lots of festive events in the city last minute and spend way too much money. Which can be avoided if you only budget and plan! Use your Family Christmas planner and not only will you have a Christmas budget but a monthly one for the rest of the year too. Your events will be booked in advance, gifts bought and you will still have money left over for the small treats you’d like to treat your children to in December.

family christmas planner

Making that Christmas cake

Christmas cakes usually inspire either love or hate. There does not seem to be much in-between. If we have a big family gathering, most end up making or buying one for all who love it to enjoy. The problem with this tradition is that it the ingrediants are expensive and it has to be baked a couple of months before Christmas. Having a successful recipe at your fingertips and a reminder when to bake is always a plus. Turn to your Family Christmas planner for cake success.

Christmas cards and last delivery dates

Do you worry about getting your packages and Christmas cards sent off in time? Keeping track of who we need to send a written ‘Merry Christmas’ too can be tough. People move, divorce, marry, have children. We all need a way of keeping our contacts in one place ready for this busy time of year. Even with the advent of ecards, isn’t it nice to have a written Christmas card come through the letter box?

As people travel more and live in various countries, we also build up a list of where we need to post a present to. Sending a package to Kenya, for example is not the same as sending it within the UK. Wherever you are sending in the world, you will need to make a note of the last guaranteed delivery dates. And the size of your package, the weight etc. Who knew that buying a gift for some one you care about could be so time consuming! Lucky for you, all this information is at your fingertips in your planner.

Letter to Father Christmas

This is one for the children and not to be forgotten! Our fantastic postal service allows our children to write a letter to Santa Claus, post it and get a reply. How amazing is that? Christmas is magical for children and the thought of being able to write a letter to Father Christmas fills them with delight. You need a letter template you can use year after year, especially with young ones and also a gift list that you can sneakily refer to when buying gifts for your child.

family christmas planner

Declutter your house

Learning how to effectively declutter your entire house is a subject for another post. But it is something I believe we should all do on the run up to Christmas. Especially for our sanity. Whatever size your apartment or house, we normally have cluttered surfaces and stuffed drawers. Where are the presents going to go when they have been opened? How will your guests view your house when they visit?

This is the best time of the year to declutter – don’t leave it too late or it will just be another task to do on your long to do list. The children could always be roped in to help and if you do it early enough, you could always sell certain items and make a profit which can then be spent on Christmas. Its a win, win.

Online shopping

Once you have your budget in place and have written the gift list you can start to think about the actual shopping. In order to work within our budget, its important to shop wisely. This can be frustrating as so many of us have lovely present ideas in mind but can’t always afford them. Start planning early and you can usually get a bargain instead of paying full price. But it does take time and perseverance.

In November, we have Black Friday. The best time of the year to shop in my opinion. If you need any household goods, buy them on that weekend. With your Family Christmas Planner, your budget will be set early, you will have a category for gifts and your gift list will be complete. You will not need to worry about money, what to buy or forgetting Black Friday.

Elf on the shelf

Elf on the shelf is loved by all children. Every year, this scout elf comes out on the 1st December. There is a beautiful book to read then your child can carefully place him somewhere in your home. Every morning in December Elf ‘magically’ moves overnight. He spends his day making sure your child is behaving, then at night time reports back to Santa.

Elf on the shelf is a lovely present that will be enjoyed for many years. The Family Christmas Planner gives some inventive ideas of where Elf can be found in the morning and will make your child smile with what he has done overnight. Elf is also great for the parents too as it is a time for the children to think about their behaviour.

Decorating the house and Christmas Tree

This is one of the least stressful Christmas activities and can be enjoyed as a family experience. But in order to enjoy it properly, all need to participate. Who’s going to buy the tree? Do you know where you are getting it from and the best type of Christmas tree to buy? How about the decorations? There are a couple of decorating styles you could adopt for both your house and tree which will influence any decorations you will buy this year.

The family Christmas planner can answer all these questions for you and more. When you are deciding when to buy your tree, you also need to consider when you will take it down. As you want it to look its best the whole time it is in your house. When your tree has been put up and decorate, gather the family together, play some Christmas carols and have fun.

Christmas Eve planning

The last few days before Christmas can be exciting but also stressful. This time is a culmination of the last couple of months. With your Family Christmas Planner, you will be smiling and totally prepared. A successful Christmas takes a lot of preparation, a good help rota and an organised budget. Start using following the Planner in September and the stress will be taken out of your holidays.

Once this Christmas is over, we can put the planner away, ready for next year. The next time you take it out, the budget can be tweaked, the address book will be completed and supermarket delivery slots will have notes next to them. You will have festive arts and crafts ideas ready to make with the children and your cake recipe will be there waiting. You will know when to start preparing and in what order to do everything.

Christmas is a magical time but one that adults sometimes slightly dread. Hopefully now you have a clearer idea of everything that needs to be done. To ensure you have the best and most stress free Christmas, purchase your Family Christmas planner here. Then relax, sit back and let the holiday magic begin.