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If you google Mothers day, your search engine will suddenly be populated with stores trying to sell you a present. Flowers, jewelry, the works…. Mothering Sunday is a beautiful day and one that companies want us to spend our money on. However, there is far more to this day than spending your hard-earned cash. Read on for tips, tricks and ideas of cheap activities for Mother’s Day.

What is Mother’s day?

The actual meaning behind the day is fairly self-explanatory. It is a day to honor our mothers. It is also celebrates the institution of motherhood and the strong maternal bond that a mother has to her children. The modern version of this day started in the early 20th century by Anna Jarvis after her mother had expressed her wish for such a day. However, after Anna saw how commercialized the day had begun, she actually tried to rescind the day. Her desire was for families to come together, to celebrate the role of a mother, not for the county to profit from such a time.

Women have always been celebrated in history. Our role in society is one that no-one else can do. Our bodies are meant to grow and carry children. We have, throughout most of history been the primary care giver and as such, our bond to our children is normally a strong one. Following the role of a care-giver, us women often have to make sacrifices in other areas of our lives. So it makes perfect sense to me that this role should be honored.

All women are goddesses

In ancient societies, women were seen as goddesses. I appreciate that title and think maybe we should adopt it in our modern lives. As birth givers, we were not the rulers but often also took care of agriculture. The nature of our role represented the perfect cycle of life: inception, birth, life, death. Powerful, indeed. Minoan Crete, in the Bronze Age celebrated women with equal rights. In Ancient Egypt, women were practically equal to men and had many rights, very unusual for the time. Labelled goddesses, there were also several female rulers. Hatshepsut in the 18th Dynasty and Twosret in the 19th Dynasty were two such rulers.

Now, we also have International Women’s day, which celebrates women everywhere. But today we are here to celebrate Mother’s Day. Both are powerful days and celebrate womenhood. Mother’s Day also celebrates those who procure life and gives thanks for the sacrifices they make in the process.

What are your Mother’s Day plans?

Mother’s Day in 2021 is 14th March. What are you and your family going to be doing on this day? I am a single mum so it is always just me and my son on for Mothering Sunday. It is also a bittersweet day, as I lost my daughter when she was two to meningitis and I feel sad. But at the same time, I celebrate the time I had as her mother and I thank every day that my son is here, growing with a mother to support him. So each year, we make plans. Big plans, little plans; it doesn’t matter as long as the plan is together. Read on for ideas of cheap activities for this Mother’s Day.

Six cheap activities to celebrate mother’s day


This is one activity mum’s love to do! Our lives are so busy looking after both ourselves and our children, that it is important to take a beat and have time to ourselves. You could agree with your family a time when you can just chill. Find a quiet spot, read a book, relax. Its unbelievable how good you can feel after peace and relaxation, so make a plan and put it into action.

Family time

Make sure one of your plans is to actually spend time with your family! What do YOU enjoy doing in family time? Board games, Netflix, cuddles? This is time for all of you but it is still a day to celebrate you so don’t think you’re being selfish cos you’re not. This day is all about you.

Spa treatment

Give yourself a spa treatment. I love a bath and a face pack. Its not quite the same as actually going to a spa but its still amazing. Let one of your loved ones know you’d like some products in advance of mothers day, or just buy your own. I enjoy choosing a fragrance and a type – do you need relaxing/detoxing/refreshing? Whichever it is, it will be enjoyable.

Get outside

Take the family for a trample in the countryside or get into the garden. Fresh air makes us happy and, on all days, we have to be happy on Mother’s Day. It’s a time to get away from the gadgets and communicate with each other. You will be surprised how much you end up talking and by the time you all get home, the family will be refreshed and happy.

Cook for the family

Does your other half like cooking? If so, let him cook with your children and surprise you. Or, get the children involved yourself and cook one of your favorites. As long as its what works for YOU. If you cook every day, you would probably want a break. My son is going to cook dinner with me. At 11, I don’t think he is quite a gourmet chef yet, so the best all round experience will be to get in the kitchen together. Creating memories and learning a new skill.

Virtual afternoon tea

Although current restrictions say we still can’t meet our loved ones, we can, of course have a virtual get together. Arrange a time, meet on zoom and enjoy afternoon tea together. Just because we can’t hug, doesn’t mean we can’t blow a virtual kiss and leave feeling loved.

There are lots of possible plans for this special day. These are only a few ideas. If you are a single parent and have had no time to plan, these suggestions are perfect. They don’t require much planning, are mainly free and, as a bonus and a pre-requisite – super fun!

Cheap craft activities for Mother’s Day

Most young children have loom bands in their craft box. A great, free Mother’s Day gift they can participate in with you would be to make you a bracelet or ring. It’s a great way for children who want to give you a present but do not have their own money or someone to take them to buy something. Another idea is to decorate candles together. Most of us have a candle or 100 hanging around the house! If you have the ingredients, you can even make your own candle. If not, there are plenty of ways to decorate candles that both you and your children will enjoy.

How about picking a window in your house and decorating it? Window decorations look great when the sun is shining through and can brighten up a whole day, especially when you and your children remember the fun you had making them. Whichever experience you choose, you are guaranteed to make happy memories for your family.

Remembering on Mother’s Day

An important part of Mother’s Day, which is never mentioned in the endless commercial aspect is remembering those family members not with us any more. On my part, it’s my mother who passed away when I was too young and my daughter who had meningitis when two years old. Mothers are nurturing by nature and mine was no exception. Loosing her made Mother’s Day bittersweet. Loosing my daughter could have tipped me over the edge but now my son and I take the day to talk about and remember the people we love. Maybe they are physically not in this world anymore but while we still talk about them, hold memories and love them. They are always here. So on Mother’s Day, we light a candle for them next to some pictures, bring them into our conversations and bring those memories to the fore.

Whatever your plans, don’t forget the meaning of Mother’s Day. Spend time with and enjoying your family. Remember, a happy mother means a happy family! When you have bought or created a Mother’s Day card, spend time on that Mother’s Day message. Personalize it, along with your Mother’s Day gift. Creating a Mother’s Day hamper, whether it has an expensive gift or a present you made yourself inside it, she will always appreciate it. As she loves you.

Happy Mother’s Day